taste and enjoy our abundant harvests

Dear Friends of Mt. View Orchards,

Greetings to all our amazing loyal customers. Thank you for finding our online flyer this year at our brand new website  This year at Mt. View Orchards we are trying to lower our postal costs and so you will have noticed that you received a friendly reminder post card announcing our opening dates rather than the standard bright yellow flyer.  On this post card you will notice our golden delicious mileage apple coupon in October and we are encouraging you to bring back this postcard and we will give you a dollar off your 25.00 purchase(one time) so we can update our mailing list.  We are trying to whittle down our list because it is over 5,000 people and we want to make sure they are all arriving at their correct location. It is our hope to share more information with you about ripening dates and sales/promotions online at our website so its more accurate. I am so honored to be able to carrying on the legacy our small family farm here at the base of Mt. Hood.  My parents, Ruthie and Lyle have been immensely helpful and supportive to me in this transitional year. I hit the jackpot in parents and they have been refusing to take any form of payment even though they are working extremely hard to help me be successful as a new farmer.


If you are interested in learning more about my journey in my first year of farming consider following my farming blog at thegratefulfarmer We love opening up our farm like a large living and inviting you all to taste and enjoy our abundant harvests. Last November we had a horrible freeze and the temperatures dropped to 5 degrees. This was tragic because our trees hadn't become fully dormant so I am sorry to announce that this freeze had a major affect on our cherry trees and all of our roses died.  We are not able to open our farm up for cherry u-picking this year but please know that we will have ample cherries at our farm stand and we would love to invite you all up to have a picnic at the base of Mt. Hood to see our new Pumpkin Patch and New Picnic area. We planted over 6 different varieties of pumpkins and have sweet corn in the ground as well.

Carlos the Steer and his animal friends have missed you all and would love a visit. Please bring your cameras because there are many 
picturesque vistas all over our 50+ acre farm.



When you come for a visit you will notice that I am having a very space efficient little addition built for myself and I am thrilled to announce that we have passed through all the stringent permit process and we will have our famous Mt. View Orchards Sweet Cider this year for you all to enjoy again in our new licensed facility. (Coming soon Hard Cider!!!!)

Thank you friends for all the wild support of our new All Fruit CSA that we are launching this Summer 2015 and for all the support and many visits at the Cully Street Market on Thursday evenings on NE 42nd in Portland. We are still having the same special events as per our tradition and invite you all to come and see the new improvements we are offering this year as well. It is my hope continue our farms core values and family traditions similar to my amazing parents. Every thing is running early this year so please check out our website or shoot us an email if you have a specific question about u-picking peaches, apples, pears, blueberries, plums and nectarines this year. 

Grateful for all your support,

Trina McAlexander (your grateful farmer)

We are not doing a predictive ripening calendar this year because of everything running about 15 days early.  Please see headline on top of the website current availability of fruit or feel free to email at mtvieworchards if you have a specific question about a variety you want to enjoy this year.

Special Events 

Donut Peach Weekend July 10th-12th
Have you ever had a donut peach?  We believe that they are sweeter than candy.  Please come on up to our farm and we will give you a free sample.  You will be hooked at first bite!

Sweet Cherry Week June 26- July 5th
For our opening week of 2015 we invite you all to come out to the Orchard and taste our sun ripened cherries including 6 different cherry varieties. Cherries are good for your health, freeze well, are tasty in jams, pies and can beautifully. Please bring a picnic lunch and enjoy cherry week!

Summer Fruit and Vegetable Celebration August 1st-29th
Many varieties of fruit including berries, peaches, Bartlett pears, gravenstein apples and vegetables.  Our sweet corn will be ready as well.  This is the most wonderful time of the year and we invite you to come and enjoy the best of our summer harvest.

Peach Party July 18th-31st
Come pick your own peaches or buy already picked peaches(6 varieties).  This years peaches are delightful and so full of flavor.  Peaches are a favorite around here.  Peaches are delicious canned and taste remarkably the same after being preserved or frozen.  They are fantastic fresh, dried, in jams, pies and grilled. 

Ciderfest September 11-13th
Come and try our fresh pressed sweet cider varieties.  There are many Mt. View Cider affectionados and this weekend we will be tasting our nectar from heaven.

U-picking/Sweet Corn Weekend September 1st-6th
Experience our farm and come and pick apples and pears with your friends and family! Bring a picnic and go for free hayride to see our animals.  Also come and buy already picked corn because it will be sweet and tasty.  September is the most beautiful month in Oregon and visiting a farm is a must see.

Pumpkin Patch Open Sept 25th-Oct 31st
This year we are proud to announce that we have a beautiful pumpkin patch on our farm.  The Pumpkin patches backdrop is a stunning vista of Mt. Hood.  We will have jack o lantern varieties as well as squash and other eating varieties such a pie pumpkins.  Bring your friends and family, cameras and pick out an autumn pumpkin to decorate from our patch.

HoneyCrisp Tasting Weekend September 18th-20th
There is a reason that this apple is so popular.  Its is equal parts sweet and crisp.  Come out this weekend and lets celebrate one of the most popular apples of our time.

Hard Cider Day Oct 10th
Come and try a variety of Hard Apple Ciders at Mt. View Orchards. from 12-430pm

Golden Delicious Coupon Oct 1st-31st
We value our loyal costumers that come every and year for the past 3 decades and want to thank you for your continued support of our farm by sharing forward our beautiful golden delicious apples.  If you drive from Oregon or Washington and spend over 25 dollars we will give you a pound free of golden delicious apples for every 10 miles your drive one way per car.

Swiss-German "Edelweiss" Day at Mt View Orchards - Oct. 24:
This festival is our tradition on our farm. Live music, sausage, Swiss recipes, Swiss apples, and hayrides. Rain or shine we will have this party! Beer and wine are also available. 

Harvest Fest - Applesauce & Dessert Day - Oct. 16-18:
Mt View Orchards uniquely serves over 15 kinds of applesauce & desserts. Free samples, noon - 5pm.

November - December:
Fresh and dried fruit available - Self serve, help yourself and leave cash or check. 

Last Day Sale - Oct. 30 - Nov 2:
These will be the bargain days of the year - stock up for winter. Everything will be reduced. 

U-Pick Peaches, Pears & Apples 
We are still allowing our people to u-pick when the fruit is available. We ask that you do not use ladders or drive your car out to pick. And please, do not dump our fruit onto the ground if you find another variety. We hope that you enjoy the experience!  

Sprays & Chemicals
We make every effort to offer you the cleanest, most healthful product possible. This includes judicious use of agricultural chemicals, properly timed and carefully targeted. While you may wish to wash our fruit, there will be no harmful residues left at harvest time. Mt View uses the best management practices to minimize the use of chemicals. 

7 Days a week 9am - 5pm
Remember to Bring Your Cameras. We can't wait to see you! 

Picnic Tables - Kids Play Area - Gentle Dogs on Leash -
RVs & Tour buses Welcome to Park Above (tour buses please call ahead) - Please Bring Boxes and Sacks